Delta Campus eLearning FAQ's

Q:  Can I log into Delta Campus eLearning using my existing Delta e-Tools username and password?


A: No. Your Delta Campus eLearning account is separate from your Delta eTools account.  You will need to register for a Delta Campus eLearning account.  Once your account is created, you will login to Delta Campus eLearning using the username and password you provided during registration.  Please also note that when you reset the password for either your Delta eTools account OR your Delta Campus eLearning account, the other account will NOT be affected.  SEE CREATING AN ACCOUNT

Q:  I attended the live webinar, but there is no longer a place for me to enter the password given to me during the live webinar.  Will I have to re-watch the whole webinar to earn CE credit?


A: No. Once you create a Delta Campus eLearning account, locate the Brainy Brunch module for which you need to complete the post test.  If you have already watched the video and are ready to test, simply open the video, fast forward to the end, and proceed to the test.  SEE COMPLETING BRAINY BRUNCH MODULES

Q:  I completed the post test, but I did not receive my CE certificate.


A:  You should receive an email (at the address you used to sign up for Delta Campus eLearning) with your CE certificate attached.  Certificates are also saved in the transcript section of Delta Campus eLearning ( SEE HOW TO ACCESS ).  If your CE certificate is not on your transcript page, you may need to complete a post test survey.  Completion of a survey is required for every CE approved module.  If you still have issues, please email