Humana to Acquire Enclara Healthcare

Dear Hospice Colleagues - Please call us if necessary! The two biggest #hospice pharmacies in the country are now owned by two of the biggest health insurance companies (Humana now owns Enclara and United owns Optum Hospice Pharmacy, previously known as HospiScript).

Out & About: New Excela Hospice Program Helps Kids Deal with Grief

“What do I do with the sad that I feel?” Excela Health Hospice is helping children deal with that question through its Neighborhood Kids grief support program.

e-Prescribing in North Carolina Becomes Mandatory in the New Year 2020!

We absolutely pioneered the first hospice specific e-Prescribing tools/workflow over 11 years ago. And we still lead the way today.

Wilton Hospice Volunteer is Willing to Lend an Ear

Steve Sweeney is what you would call a good listener. A friendly man, he loves to sit around and hear people tell stories about their lives, their families, and their travels. He’s also pretty good at providing comfort and a shoulder to lean on when people need it.

The Gifts He Keeps on Giving

A near-death experience can change one’s whole perspective on life. Standing at the brink of the great abyss can reignite one’s faith, shuffle one’s priorities or help one develop a renewed passion for life. For one Otero man, Bob Fowler, his own close brush with death inspired a new hobby: Crafting ornaments with wood and materials he finds in the mountains for hospice families.

Rollo the Pug Brings Comfort to Iowa Hospice Patients

Rollo is 12 years old, 90% deaf and highly motivated by food. This little pug is also a comfort to the St. Croix Hospice patients at two Norwalk nursing facilities. He sits by their bedsides and listens patiently to the stories of their past. He even lets them hold his paw.

Four Seasons Launches Hospice Telehealth Pharmacy Program

North Carolina-based hospice and palliative care provider Four Seasons has launched a pilot telehealth-based pharmacy program that will include a virtual pharmacist system for patients who live in rural areas of their home state. Four Seasons will be collaborating with pharmacy benefit manager Delta Care Rx on the project.

Community Members Train Doctors on Culturally Appropriate Palliative Care

In late August, four palliative care doctors, two researchers and several community members gathered in Beaufort, South Carolina, to gain insight into the history and culture of two rural Southern communities, White and African American, and to understand the cultural values and preferences of each of these two ethnic groups in caring for patients with serious illness.

Sunday Seniors: Family Members Discuss Hospice Care Experiences

When Nancy Dumont’s husband, Terry, was in hospice care a decade ago, she thought she knew what to expect.

Hospice Patient’s Wish to Attend Auburn Game Granted by Covenant Care

Bill Roberts was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia in 2013. FTD not only effects the brain function but also the behavior, so when the Covenant Care team asked how they could help him celebrate his life, he decided to go watch the Auburn Tigers take on Samford.


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