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Announcement: 3-16-2020

CMS Waiver Paves Way for Use of Secure Video from Afar with Patients/Caregivers During COVID-19:

As you likely already know, Delta Care Rx provides far more than pharmaceutical care and dispensing to partners nationwide.


To this end, a couple of years back we introduced our Hospice LIVE & Adapt LIVE secure video tool in anticipation of the day that CMS started to welcome "care delivered from afar" or at least the ability to have face to face reviews initially occur using niche' technologies. We have multiple partners that use the technology to date for both hospice and palliative care patients.

Well guess what... That day is here sooner than we thought as a result of COVID-19.


On 3/14, news relative to this was released by CMS that gave waivers and relaxed certain conditions of participation that pave the way for using this technology (as shown/highlighted below). This does not mean you can bill for such services (yet!) - but you can use these technologies to provide safe and effective services. We expect the ability to bill for services rendered via telehealth to change any day now.

You do not have to be using Delta's pharmacy benefit management services or Rx mail order to gain access to this essential tool.

Please remember that products like FACETIME or WHATS APP are not HIPAA compliant. Webinar are often non compliant as well and such tools are too hard to use or require too much effort by end users. We offer a turn key, "NO DOWNLOAD" option that doesn't get any easier for patients/caregivers to utilize.

For more information, send an email today to .

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