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PITTSBURGH, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Delta Care Rx is inviting all hospice providers to claim the prescription medication rebates to which they are entitled. With its new Hospi-Rebates™ program, Delta Care will ensure hospices receive prescription rebates that up to now have likely been either forfeited or received and retained in large part by their pharmacy benefit managers (PBM). Delta Care is the nation's largest privately held hospice pharmacy and one of the most innovative pharmaceutical care companies supporting serious illness, palliative and hospice care providers,


"Even if you use another hospice PBM, Delta Care can still secure the rebates you've earned when purchasing rebate-eligible drugs where manufacturer-derived revenues typically are available," said Drew Mihalyo, Pharm D, President of Delta Care. "Our new Hospi-Rebates™ program is available 'a la carte' to any hospice provider, large or small, for-profit or not-for-profit, that purchases at least some brand-name or single-source manufacturer medications for pain and symptom management of its patients. Even though generics comprise the bulk of hospice medication purchases, hospices are purchasing more brand-name drugs than ever in 2021 as a result of changes in hospice admissions practices implemented in October 2020—so rebate income (and business transparency) is more relevant than ever.


"Prescription rebates have long been the dirty secret of the larger pharmacy benefit manager sector," Mihalyo added. "Even with leveraging Delta Care's considerable footprint within the hospice pharmacy sector to date, we've still had to work very strategically with the powers that be in big pharma to be able to secure effective and reasonably accessible rebate revenue for our hospice partners. These rebates are essentially money back that rightfully belongs to the hospice purchasing the medication if they just satisfy certain requirements that allow their prescription claims to be 'rebate-eligible.' Until now, rebates have rarely reached hospices as the payer for most hospice patient medications—but we at Delta Care are going to change that."

Since its founding in 2008, Delta Care, a pharmacist-owned and operated company, has been committed to transparent pricing in an area known for opaque and excessively complicated pricing models. "With hospices under such financial pressure today because of COVID-19, new requirements regarding the medications hospices are required to provide patients, and revolutionary changes to the Medicare reimbursement model in general, this is the right time for even more transparency and openness," Mihalyo added.

For example, in October 2020, Medicare stood firm on an addendum that tweaked the process of how hospices admit patients, with new transparency requirements relating to covered and non-covered items like medications. As a result, hospices are assuming more prescription medication costs and/or volumes. In most cases, the newly covered items are brand-name drugs that are likely eligible for rebates.

Prospective hospice clients we market to often ask, "Are we already getting these rebates I read so much about? Why can't I find it in my contract with my current pharmacy benefit manager?" Delta Care's new Hospi-Rebates™ program not only lifts the veil on rebates for eligible brand-name prescription medications, it delivers rebate dollars directly to deserving hospice providers. "For a small- or mid-size hospice provider, this can easily amount to a substantial amount of money per month," Mihalyo explained. "Rather than lining the pockets of pharmacy benefit management providers, those funds should be going to help hospices fulfill their mission to the communities they serve."

About Delta Care Rx
Delta Care Rx ( transforms and improves the hospice pharmacy sector through business transparency, innovation, extreme customer service, and the maintenance of vital community-pharmacy relationships. As a pharmacist-owned, privately held provider, Delta Care sets the industry benchmark for pharmacy benefit management, mail order pharmacy options, on-demand pharmacist services and hospice-tailored electronic prescribing. In addition, Delta Care offers electronic tools, including cutting-edge tele-health technology, to improve the quality of patient care and simplify essential workflow and ordering processes within hospice settings.

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