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DREW MIHALYO PharmD, Founder, President & Chief Operating Officer, Delta Care Rx

PharmD, Founder, President
& Chief Operating Officer,
Delta Care Rx

  • Developed and introduced  the nation’s first hospice-tailored e-Prescribing platform in 2010

  • Hospice-pharmacy innovator, technology trendsetter and entrepreneur

  • Unyielding advocate for quality care, quality outcomes and transparent pricing in hospice pharmacy benefit management

As Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer of Delta Care Rx, Drew Mihalyo, PharmD, has brought an entrepreneurial spirit, fervor for technology and innovation, and an unyielding focus on quality care, quality outcomes and transparent pricing to the fast-growing hospice pharmacy solutions/innovations provider.


As a company founded, owned and continuously operated by pharmacists, Delta Care operates on its Five Pillars of Ethical Decision-Making, Clinical Knowledge, Accountability, Genuine Partnerships with Provider Partners and Community Stewardship—values shared by every one of the end-of-life care and advanced illness management providers with whom Delta Care is privileged to partner.


Under Dr. Mihalyo’s energetic direction, Delta Care has become a pharmacy benefit management company—and much more—serving hospice and palliative care providers large and small, urban and rural, all across the country. Delta Care has revolutionized the relationship between hospice providers and pharmacy benefit managers through its ground-breaking Hospice Taper™ pricing model, which throws out the old average-wholesale-pricing-with-a-discount and even older per-patient-per-day schemes and replaces them with a 100 percent transparent benefit that combines a pass-through of the actual cost of medications with a service fee based solely on a provider’s average daily census.


Dr. Mihalyo developed and introduced the nation’s first hospice-tailored e-Prescribing platform in 2010, transforming how hospice providers manage patient symptoms and pain and revolutionizing how hospice administrators manage their pharmacy spend. In addition, he has led development and implementation of a comprehensive suite of distinctive products and services offered for the benefit of Delta Care clients, including but not limited to 24/7/365 real-time live access to clinical pharmacists, development of customized preferred drug lists, delivery of customized reports to meet all pharmacy-related regulations, telehealth, DME management services and a robust no-cost continuing education curriculum for hospice clinicians.


His other professional interests include the management of self-insured or commercial drug plans, healthcare innovation, systems interoperability, the development and widespread adoption of telemedicine, accountable care,and effective networking among healthcare providers, clinicians, vendors and suppliers, academic institutions, patient advocates, and policymakers.


Dr. Mihalyo began his career as a retail pharmacist in the Pittsburgh area, gaining valuable experience as a pharmacy intern at Giant Eagle, Inc., and then working as a pharmacist for The Walgreen Company (now Walgreens Boots Alliance).


He received his Doctor of Pharmacy from the Duquesne University Mylan School of Pharmacy, Pittsburgh, PA. He has completed the highly regarded Education in Palliative and End-of-Life Care (EPEC) Curriculum as developed by the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. He speaks frequently at state, regional and national hospice and end-of-life care trade and clinical conferences, often focusing on the role of collaboration, innovation and technology in ensuring high-quality/low-cost care at the bedside.

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