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Do-It-Yourself Pharmacy Benefit Management

Is a Do-It-Yourself program right for you?


DIY Pharmacy

Benefit Management

Do you suspect your current pharmacy or PBM provider charges you too much on select drugs?


  • Put your mind at ease and sign up for Delta Care’s revolutionary, no contract/no commitment, self-serve DIY offering—so you can price check drug prices whenever and as often as you need to!


Would you like to cherry-pick lower-priced drugs and buy them through our DIY program?


  • You can use Delta Care’s no-contract/no-commitment program whenever and as often as you need it!


Do you only need occasional access to PBM style services?


  • We've got you covered with Delta Care’s no contract/no commitment program!


Would you like to have the option to manage your "full pharmacy benefit" in house without huge on-boarding, training and software hassles?


  • Use Delta Care’s powerful software to do just that. We'll help get you started with no-hassle training and all the essentials!

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