Delta Care is very proud to announce that as of August 2012, our hospice prescribers are now ordering BOTH, CONTROLLED & NON-CONTROLLED MEDICATIONS via an e-Prescribing application right inside our own Delta e-Tools Suite. The BEST part? You get it FREE when you partner with Delta for Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) Services!


Delta Care Rx has single-handedly pioneered the use of this new and exciting technology since beginning to serve the hospice industry. Many in the hospice sector had originally resisted this movement, saying... “The industry just isn’t ready for e-Prescribing.”


All of our partner hospice prescribers couldn’t disagree more.


As a result of using Delta’s e-Prescribing tool, they and their teams are:

- Receiving their controlled medications more quickly, resulting in improved symptom management for a patient in great need.

- Experiencing far less medication ordering errors.

- Experiencing far less drug interactions for patients.

- Enjoying a much more efficient workflow, allowing team members to spend more time with their patients.


Hospice-Prescribing™ by Delta Care Rx

NO paper. NO phone. NO fax. NO problem!

Are you ready? You can be.

Almost all of the states in our nation have legislation allowing for EPCS. See yours on the map, HERE!

Contact us today and we can have you e-Prescribing tomorrow!