Important Hospice Pharmacy News Alert - Enclara Health Acquisition by Humana

Dear Hospice Colleagues:

Please call us when necessary should you be in need of our professional and nationwide hospice pharmacy services.


The two biggest hospice pharmacies in the country are now owned by two of the biggest health insurance companies (Humana now owns Enclara and United owns Optum Hospice Pharmacy, previously known as HospiScript). Vertically integration moves by payers, enabled by industry vendor selling their companies, only furthers the probability of implementation of CMS's VBID plans and the Hospice Medicare Advantage Carve-In that is being fought collectively by the hospice industry. 


Regardless of how they spin it, the biggest winners here are the Enclara sellers and Humana. There is unverified information on the internet that estimates this acquisition to have cost Humana around 700 million dollars.


This will likely be a second or third sale transition/experience over the next 6-24 months for hundreds of their clients to undergo. These are hospices that require uninterrupted extreme customer service, hence our concern and the related industry alert.


It is also important to note that Humana also owns Kindred Hospice, which is an organization that directly competes with many hospices that Enclara serves on a regular basis. 


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