why delta


The Delta Care Rx mission and vision is to transform and improve the hospice pharmacy industry through business transparency, innovation, extreme customer service and community pharmacy relationships.


Delta Care Rx is a privately held provider of Pharmacy Billing Solutions, On-Demand Pharmacist Services, and Electronic Prescribing specifically tailored for the hospice industry.

Delta was developed to "change and improve" the provision of hospice pharmaceutical care by transforming the industry standard hospice pharmacy model.

The Delta Care Rx model always offers transparency for all stakeholders, and an economical, fair community pharmacy medication distribution model which large hospice PBM’s are unwilling to embrace and/or incapable of providing.


We are not owned by venture capitalists or private equity groups.  We are not, nor do we desire to be, the largest hospice pharmacy provider in the industry.

We are a privately held firm which understands that the secret to success lies in realizing that less corporate hierarchy equals better service from the Delta Care Rx professionals who constantly have a vision to provide simply the best pharmaceutical care for our hospices and the mutual patients served.  

We are the pioneers of the hospice pharmacy service industry, now serving as change agents delivering an innovative, state of the art product. 

Our competitors exist today largely because of the work that members of our team and very few others did beginning in 1999 when they pioneered On-Demand Clinical Pharmacy Services in Steubenville, Ohio.  We shared our model with the hospice industry at an NHPCO conference in the year 2000 and the Hospice PBM Industry was born.  We’re very proud of this because we know that our work has touched the lives of thousands of patients.

From here on and by route of Delta Care Rx, we will set the industry benchmark, the pace, and the trend. We will not be distracted or purchased.

We are here for the long haul with one goal in mind: To transform a hospice pharmacy solution industry that is at a tipping point. We're here to restore fundamental core values that were in place when our model was first established before being purchased and soon after slowly torn apart by the smoke and mirrors of the larger PBM industry, dishonest and unethical medication claim costs or reimbursements, failed local pharmacy relationship(s) and/or maintenance, and uncontrolled growth that disrupted overall customer service experience and the ability to innovate.


Delta Care Rx is the final stop on a journey that began in 1999.