DELTA CARE Rx pioneered the term transparency as it applies to the hospice pharmacy solutions industry.
Since then, our competitors have scrambled to suggest that they "will soon offer the same unique billing model” that Delta has offered from the beginning. Unfortunately for them, even the most convincing magic, smoke, mirrors, or “hybrid” solutions cannot distort the reality of what will always be just ONE accurate definition of TRULY transparent and pass-through Rx purchasing. We are most grateful to our valued clients, who have helped us pioneer such positive change in the hospice PBM sector.

So what IS the secret behind the trick that allows Delta clients to experience such incredibly low per patient day drug costs, along with the purchasing flexibility necessary to manage and afford ALL of the CMS chaos experienced in 2013 and 2014?

The secret is...THERE IS NO TRICK. Delta provides a TRULY transparent and pass-through Rx billing model, called HO$PICE TAPER.©

Transparency is powerful, but very limited if not coupled with a “fully auditable” Rx purchasing contract that ensures the complete pass-through of ALL acquisition costs, rebates, and/or network discounts that the provider has access to.

  REAL pass-through contracts should ALWAYS read:"What the hospice pays for medication is 100% EQUAL to what the dispensing pharmacist is reimbursed for filling the order." Most hospice PBM agreements (not Delta) charge the hospice one amount, while then reimbursing the dispensing pharmacist a vastly different and much lesser amount. PBM provider profits are found in the difference that remains. This is known as the "PBM spread."

Continuing to purchase medications via non-transparent and non pass-through Average Wholesale Price (AWP) discounts, OR overpriced and very restrictive per diem arrangements is NOT financially sustainable for any size hospice in light of exponential CMS driven change.

Upon request, Delta Care Rx will donate $25 to a charity of your choice for every hospice that allows us to do a simple price comparison against their current pharmacy vendor OR spends just 30 minutes with Delta discussing the advantages of our HO$PICE TAPER© via webinar.