On-Demand Pharmacist Solutions (ODPS)


"It's not immoral nor unethical to think about the cost of therapy." -Dr. Mary Mihalyo 




Introducing a new level of support for clinical decision-making and cost control. Delta’s team of hospice pharmacists offer detailed, immediate therapeutic consulting with every call to our pharmacists, OR by visiting our online e-Consulting suite. This provides your hospice with an on-demand clinical pharmacist around the clock.

We are able to assist your team in clinical decision-making, troubleshooting hard-to-manage situations, formulary management, cost control, prospective screening for drug allergies, drug interactions, contraindications, or therapeutic duplications that can hinder patient comfort. Our consult processes are always focused on the patient and adherent to the Conditions of Participation (CoPs).
Delta supports your organization in developing ideal formulary or Preferred Drug Lists that ultimately yield better outcomes from both a patient care and financial perspective. We suggest that your preferred utilization percentage remain as high as possible, however, you will never experience non-formulary or non-preferred purchasing penalties when you work with our company.
Unlike many PBM's in the industry, Delta will never choose to benefit financially from any pharmaceutical manufacturer rebates whatsoever. With this being said, we provide unbiased Preferred Drug List recommendations to your program while ensuring that we have no conflict of interest as your PBM. Our unbiased guidance, coupled with our clinical expertise in end-of-life care, allows us to proactively provide drug or non-drug related recommendations to your team prior to initial go-live and from thereon 24/7/365.
The Conditions of Participation (CoPs) mandates that an initial and comprehensive patient assessment include a drug profile (Standard 418.54). The drug profile should review each prescription, OTC, and herbal medication ordered for a patient.    
Delta’s CoPs Reports provide you complete medication profiles within minutes of a pharmacist consultation, and always delivered in time for your IDG team meetings. You will receive a patient-specific CoPs Report/Consult which can easily complete the drug profile section of the CMS required comprehensive patient assessment. The CoPs Report, along with all Deltalytics Reports, can be accessed via our e-Tools suite or sent to you via secure email/FTP.  
Reference: "Condition of participation: Initial and comprehensive assessment of the patient," Title 42 Code of Federal Regulation, Pt 418.54. 2008 edition.