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The hospice pharmacy landscape is changing quite rapidly. As you may already know, recently, multiple well known nationwide mail order providers and benefit managers have been busy buying, selling, or merging with other entities. As a result, overall customer service experiences for many hospice organizations nationwide have started to deteriorate due to issues with applicable transitions and the disorder that goes with it.
Is your organization one of many starting to feel the effects?
If so, perhaps it's time to fly with US while the turbulence you didn't sign up for is just beginning for THEM.
Delta Care Rx is a nation-wide, privately (and pharmacist) owned and operated provider of Pharmacy Billing Solutions Via a Robust Nationwide Petwork, Mail Order Pharmacy, On-Demand Pharmacist Services, and Electronic Prescribing specifically tailored for the hospice industry. 
Delta was developed to "change and improve" the provision of hospice pharmaceutical care by transforming the industry standard hospice pharmacy model. Our fully customizable service models always offer REAL business transparency for all stakeholders, and an economical, fair community pharmacy medication distribution model which large hospice PBM’s are unwilling to embrace and/or incapable of providing.
We are not, nor do we desire to be, the largest hospice pharmacy provider in the industry. 
We are a privately held firm which understands that the secret to success lies in realizing that less corporate hierarchy equals better service from the Delta Care Rx professionals who constantly have a vision to provide simply the best pharmaceutical care for our hospices and the mutual patients served.
If you haven't already, please be sure to read over our WHAT WE DO section of the website, as well as learn about our TRULY transparent and pass-through Rx purchasing model known as Hospice Taper©. 
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