2013 and 2014 are proving to be very difficult times for a Hospice industry experiencing CMS driven change at exponential rates.

Though none of the changes being implemented in the industry have been anything short of exacerbating for all Hospices, Delta Care Rx clients are having an easier time than most handling the mandatory transitions that became effective early in 2014. 


In regards to CR 8358, our clients have the necessary data exports, support for all major electronic medical record (EMR) file formatting and automation processes, and further customized report generation needed for support of their growing requirements. We have adapted quickly in a number of ways by our ability to precisely control every aspect of our state-of-the-art hospice specific pharmacy solution, and the proprietary software that operates it.

Delta clients are also staged to easily & efficiently managing recent CMS directed changes to determining payment responsibility for drugs for patients, and changes to the complex relationship that exists between the Hospice benefit and Medicare Part D. In July of 2014, revisions were made by CMS to the original mandates that became effective a few months prior in May. This was great news for the hospice industry, however there are still some very real challenges that remain and continue to affect various organization's Rx procurement processes. 


For clients wishing to "fully" reduce internal workload in managing processes related to all of the recent Part D chaos, we have announced a strategic partnership with We've partnered with the innovative process and integration technology company as a means to provide clients with a "simplified, hands-off, and outsourced solution" for effectively handling Medicare Part D prior authorization processing and management (including hospice discharge/Part D reactivation). All of the services offered by Hospice Hub are compatible and/or already integrated with Delta Care Rx e-Tools, resulting in higher efficiency through the same portal you already utilize daily.

HHub and Delta Care

If you’re a Hospice struggling with the challenges listed above, we strongly encourage you and your team to take a look at Delta Care’s TRULY transparent and pass-through Hospice Taper Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) Services and our On-Demand Pharmacist Solutions (ODPS). The combination of these two core services, among many others available and included, are able to put YOUR hospice in a position to manage any challenges that present as this chaotic situation for the industry continues to evolve. Delta Care Rx can put your organization at ease from a clinical, financial, regulatory, and workflow efficiency perspective.



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