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Brainy Brunch 2014



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Managing End Stage Renal Disease in End of Life Care

Evidence Based Interventions to Improve Care of Depression at EOL

Symptom Treatment in Nonverbal Children with Neurological Impairment

Diabetes: Making Sense of all the Medications

Identification of Medication Related Problems in the Home Care Setting

End of Life Care for Patients with Substance Abuse

Prevention and Management of Seizures in the Hospice Setting

Stop the Frenzy: Avoiding Medication Induced Agitation/Delirium

Allergic Reaction or Side Effect? Can you tell the difference?

Identifying and Reducing Medication Errors

Live Inservice/Webinar - Overview Pain and Symptom Mgt/Update on Methadone

Therapeutic Update - COPD Meds

You want me to do what? Alternative methods for medication administration in the terminally ill patient

Drug Diversion and Hospice

Pharmacologic Treatment of Constipation in the Hospice Patient 

Equianalgesic Dosing Update 

Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in EOL Care

Adverse Drug Events in EOL Care

Advanced Symptom Mgt of Oncology in EOL Care